Advice you can trust - every time

Incident Investigation

Incident Investigation & Root Cause Analysis

Thorough incident investigation and root cause analysis requires a high degree of trust. The confidence to dare to speak the truth. I am good at gaining people's trust relatively quickly. And I am good at shedding light on the matter from several angles and including all the facts.

Safety Culture

The culture is reflected in what we do when no one is watching

An excellent safety culture requires various and persistent efforts. I know what needs to be done - and what works.

Psychological Safety

Psychological safety is paramount

Psychological safety is paramount for a good psychological working environment. I can help mapping - and promoting - the level of psychological safety.

Psychological working environment

Is there a balance between resources and demands, and what is the atmosphere like?

I am quick to sense the atmosphere, and I pay close attention to which words are used and what effect they have for the working environment. I can help carry out mapping of the psychological working environment.

Stop pseudo- work

Pseudo-work is meaningless

Keep it simple! I can help simplify systems and clear out redundant procedures. Processes can often be made much less complex. 

Other HSE assignments

Interim HSE Manager / Senior HSE Specialist

I will happily join as interim HSE Manager or Senior HSE Specialist. Just let me know!