Knowledge and experience

Incident Investigation and improving the Safety Culture

An incident is an obvious opportunity for learning

...and it can be anything from a risk observation to the worst kind of accident

It should always be the potential risk of an incident that determines which incidents are thoroughly investigated (Root Cause Analysis) and handled in terms of corrective/preventive actions. If the real consequence of an incident is the only decisive factor for the further processing of the case, one's management system is primarily based on PURE LUCK - and the system is thus not proactive! In this way, many companies miss out on important learning and knowledge sharing.

About LeadInvestigator ApS

I own the consultant company LeadInvestigator ApS and I have more than 22 years of Health & Safety experience in my luggage from a wide range of industries, including oil/gas/wind industry, steel industry, warehouse/harbour and food industry. LeadInvestigator ApS offers Health & Safety consultancy for all types of companies - regardless of their size. Incident Investigation and Root Cause Analysis is my biggest passion, but creating and/or maintaining a world-class Safety Culture is also on the menu card. I am known for maintaining a very high professional standard, and at the same time being down to earth.
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